TJ4200 Gravity Inlet


The TJ4200 TopJet Attic Air Inlet is a gravity ceiling vent with a revolutionary, patented design that maximizes air management. Double L’s gravity-operated TJ4200 TopJet Ceiling Inlet is designed to provide birds with a better mix of air and to help growers maintain higher ventilation rates during cold weather without sacrificing poultry house temperatures or wasting fuel. Attic inlets can significantly reduce poultry house fuel usage and improve poultry house ventilation system management. Even more significant is the improved house air quality and litter conditions during cold weather. Between flocks, TJ4200 Attic Inlets can be used to help dry out damp litter as well as to help “cook” off some of the ammonia from the litter. By closing up the poultry house and turning on a couple of 36″ stir fans during the day, attic inlets can increase the house temperatures from 10 to 15 degrees above outside air temperatures. Ventilating a house with hot, dry air between flocks will help to ensure the litter is dry and the ammonia levels are low when the next flock of chicks is placed.

The all-season, 4-Way TJ4200 attic poultry inlet features counterbalance louvers that open from the TOP instead of the bottom. The TJ4200 TopJet Gravity inlet pulls warm attic air into the house and directs the air along the ceiling. Unlike traditional ceiling inlets which force cold air directly towards the floor, the TJ4200 gravity operated ceiling inlets mix warm tempered air from the attic with house air along the ceiling of the poultry house for better mixing and to reduce downdrafts on birds. The TJ4200 Vent holds the air current up longer thereby mixing with room air and distributing fresh air even more evenly while minimizing or eliminating bird stress.

The TJ4200 TopJet Ceiling Inlets supplement poultry house sidewall inlets with an automatic supply of tempered air during the early stages of minimum ventilation, without the need for a winch. The TJ4200 Inlets are simple to assemble and require no tools. Simply snap three sides together, insert the bottom channel and snap the fourth side in place to complete the inlet. The unique packaging also serves as the attic sleeve during installation.

TJ4200 TopJet Gravity 4-Way Inlet

US PATENT NO. 6,475,078

Made In USA

Part 90640
22.5″ x 22.5″ rough opening
CFM:1,812 @ 0.10 SP
CFM:1,812 @ 0.125 SP
BESS Labs Test #02118
2 inlets per box / 48 inlets per pallet

TJ4200 TopJet 4-Way Inlet Rough Opening


  • 4-Directional louvers direct air along the ceiling and hold air up longer while mixing with room air, distributing air evenly
  • Mixes warm tempered air from attic with house air along ceiling for better mixing and prevents downdrafts on birds
  • Less drafty conditions and chilling during brooding
  • Engineered to allow more CFM through inlet and operates at a higher static pressure for better air mixing
  • More uniform house temperatures during minimum ventilation
  • Drier litter, lower fuel costs, and lower ammonia concentrations
  • Easy snap together assembly – no tools required

The above video discusses the many advantages of the TJ4200 TopJet Ceiling Inlet. The metal roof and the attic of a poultry house act as a giant solar collector. Attic temperatures range between five and thirty degrees above outside air. This is basically a free source of heat, that was wasted energy in the past. With the TopJet Attic inlet you are able to use this abundant source of free heat and distribute it throughout your poultry house. The TJ4200 is specifically designed to work with the poultry house’s minimum ventilation fans, to collect this valuable source of heat. When the fans turn on, the attic inlets open. The drier, warmer attic air is distributed evenly in four directions, minimizing harmful drafts. When the ventilation fans shut-off, the TJ4200 gravity inlet closes.

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poultry window 8 RetroAire Inlet decrease air or water leakage Custom sizes available Learn Made in the USA EcoDrive 300 Designed for expansion and contraction Perimeter gasket system to ensure a good seal between glass and outer frame to improve house tightness and decrease air or water leakage TJ4200 Gravity Inlet 8 RetroAire Inlet EcoDrive 300 Designed for expansion and contraction Improves poultry house tightness and decreases air or water leakage Heavy-duty multi-walled construction of the panels offer high thermal resistance, giving excellent thermal insulating values while still allowing natural light to enter the house TJ4200 Gravity Inlet Perimeter gasket system to ensure a good seal between glass and outer frame to improve house tightness and decrease air or water leakage Custom sizes available 8 RetroAire Inlet Perimeter gasket system to ensure a good seal between glass and outer frame to improve house tightness and decrease air or water leakage Custom sizes available EcoDrive 300 Made in the USA Designed for expansion and contraction Poultry Division inlets Poultry Division inlets Learn Poultry Division inlets TJ4200 Gravity Inlet