Trinity Persful, President/CEO

Trinity has been the CEO of Double L since the summer of 2021. There is no typical day for him, and that is why he loves his job.   One minute, it’s balance sheets, inventory levels and the next minute it is new product development.  Talking to our employees, building relationships with our distributors and customers are the highlights of his job. Although each morning brings a new challenge; logistics, raw material price increases and competition – he finds it enjoyable because of the people.  The team embraces these challenges everyday with courage and resiliency, and for that he couldn’t be more thankful.

Trinity has a wife, Karolyn, and kids that support him tremendously.  He finds comfort and encouragement in his church family too. His three dogs can often be seen coming to work with him and keep the office lively.  As a Kentucky native he is likely to be found drinking bourbon, watching UK Basketball, reading, or fly fishing outside of work. Trinity served in the Marine Corps, so all crayons are kept out of reach. If you ask, he will gladly share a story from his past adventures.

Elizabeth Beeler, Vice President of Sales

Elizabeth Beeler is our Vice President of Sales/Engineering. She has been with Double L since August of 2016 and started as a Product Development Engineer.  Today she leads our sales team, works closely with customers, designs and develops new products, service and technical sales, quality management & vendor discovery.

Elizabeth married her sweetheart, Grant in fall of 2021. At this point she has no kids or pets but is a 6th generation farmer at her family farm, based in Baldwin, IA. On the farm she works hand-in-hand with her parents and husband. While she doesn’t have house pets, she has beef cows, farm cats and her parent’s dog she loves on whenever at the farm.

También le gusta la temporada de AI, frecuentar cervecerías artesanales / jugar al euchre con sus amigos, ir a conciertos y pasar tiempo con sus hermanas.

Courtney Duffy, Swine & International Sales Manager

Courtney Duffy is the Sales Manager for our Swine division and has been with Double L since the summer of 2019. She comes with a background in swine production and understands what it’s like to raise pigs in modern facilities.

As Sales Manager, she is responsible for North American swine and all international sales. She enjoys getting out in front of customers to understand their needs and how we can support them. Please feel free to reach out to her if you have any projects needing to be quoted or if you have any questions regarding orders, product application, or installation.

Courtney and her husband Mark live in Monticello, IA with their son James, daughter Ruth and two dogs. When she isn’t at Double L or chasing kids/dogs around, you can find her gardening, cooking, kayaking, boating, camping, spending time with family, and enjoying a good glass of bourbon or wine.

Garrett Bradford, Poultry Sales Manager

Garrett Bradford is the Poultry Sales Manager for Double L. He has been a part of the Double L team since the Fall of 2021. When Garrett started, he came on as the Midwest Poultry/Swine Sales Representative. Now as the Poultry Sales Manager he ensures customer needs are being met from products that will improve performance, smooth ordering process, proper installation, to proper use.

Garrett’s 20 years of live production experience as a Breeder, Broiler, and Live Haul Manager in the Southeast and Midwest has been invaluable for our distributors and integrators alike. His life has involved poultry from a young age. He has worked as a laborer in poultry houses, installed equipment, and managed poultry for 3 companies and now brings that knowledge to Double L Group to provide the best for our customers.

Besides poultry Garrett has a love for hunting. He and his German Shorthair Pointer, Dixie, can be found chasing birds several times a week throughout the hunting season. He also enjoys gardening and riding his horses.

Nick Alt, Layer Sales Representative

Nick Alt is the Layer Sales Representative for Double L.  He has recently joined the team to expand Double L’s proven ventilation technologies into the layer market.  He is looking forward to bringing the great quality and value of Double L’s ventilation equipment to the Layer industry.  Nick’s territory will include all locations in the U.S. where layer hens are being raised to produce the high-quality protein, we all depend on so much in our diets (eggs).  His responsibility will be to work with distributors, equipment installation companies and integrators to get quality air flowing where they need it.

Nick’s 23 years of experience in the poultry industry encompasses, Nutritional Sales Support, Equipment installation, Production Management, Technical Support, Contract flock management, Records and Ingredient purchasing. Before working in the industry Nick was in 4-H where he raised poultry and showed Broilers and Turkeys along with several other animals.  Coming from SE Michigan Nick went on to Study at Michigan State where he had the opportunity to attend the Center of Excellence program, a poultry emphasis which was held at the University of Wisconsin.

When Nick isn’t in dialog with the hard-working egg producers of the United States he likes to be outside taking part in his passion of Wildlife Habitat Restoration. Nick belongs to the Urban Forestry Commission for the city of Whitewater and his local Wild Ones chapter where he encourages others to see what they can do to support the food web we all are a part of. Outside of his hobbies and work, Nick lives in SE Wisconsin with his wife Megan, kids Sawyer & Quinlan, and their dog Dixie.

Justin Lowe, Product Manager

Justin Lowe, comes to Double L with a great foundation of swine equipment experience. Growing up Justin raised hogs. This led him to working for swine equipment distributors prior assuming a role in swine equipment sales for the last seven years. With all of his experience, Justin has recently joined the team to expand Double L’s product offerings. He is looking forward to the opportunity to work with producers and distributors to find solutions for all of DLGs industries.

Justin’s responsibility is focused on product management globally. In his responsibilities, he will be working with internal teams, distributors, equipment installers, and integrators to develop, install, and service environmental equipment across multiple species.

In his free time Justin enjoys traveling around the U.S. judging rabbits, which has taken him to 48 out of the 50 states. Outside of work and his hobbies, Justin loves spending time with his wife Danielle and kids Benjamin, Micah and Olivia. Together he and his family have a farm in Southwest Indiana where they raise pigs on their gilt grow out farm along with cows and rabbits.

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